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The Truth: Lil Bow Wow is actually a girl named Dee, which is not that surprising.

Yes, yes, network cross-polinaton is as rare as Republicans and Democrats locking arms and singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” but don’t tell me that if Olivia Benson and Annalise Keating joined forces, they couldn’t be at least as powerful as the Justice League or the Avengers.

The Truth: Turns out Paola is actually Loyda, and Ramon KNEW it—Loyda had Skyped with him and showed him her license, but Ramon "didn't want to believe it." And then, Loyda revealed she used the money Ramon sent her to buy herself an and told everyone Ramon had proposed. Joe & Kari Ann What He Thought: Joe thought he was dating a former Miss Teen USA (eye roll).

The Truth: Max and Nev discover that Joe and Kari Ann share a mutual friend, Rose, who tells them that Kari Ann is real.

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But while these types of relationships are common, they usually don’t last.

Further results showed that 44% of FWB situations blossom into real relationships.

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