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And it was quite delicious to hear Cheryl snidely deride this calculated kiss as past its "sell by date".

Yet, after having our hopes ever so slightly raised by the trailer — it's not like #The CW shows have never featured queer romances before — the harsh reality was somewhat disappointing. There are many things that Riverdale is getting oh-so right.

Jackie is befriended by Wallace Fennel when he helps her find out who hit her father's Porsche, and they date until he leaves for Chicago.

However, she and Veronica frequently butt heads, and she even has Veronica Punk'd on a local cable show.

Max only broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica Dunne last week...

but since the split he has been very attached to Bella. He even took the time out to seriously defend Bella after that nasty fake video of her spread over the weekend.

The fledgling show is only three episodes in and already there's a bonafide conspiracy that is popcorn-eating good.

It's free to register, view photos, and send messages to single Evangelical men and women in your area!As Co-Chair of the Gender and Feminist Studies Section of the Latin American Studies Association (2012-2013), I am co-organizing with the Sexualities Section the conference “Gender, Sexuality and Struggles for Justice in Latin America: Legal, Political and Social Dimension.” The conference is sponsored by the Washington College of Law Impact Litigation Project and American University Center for Latin American and Latino Studies.Through an examination of legal struggles in gender and sexuality rights ,and what these mean for the concrete struggles of gendered, sexualized, and racialized social groups, the possibilities and limitations of legal activism for the pursuit of social justice and equity issues will be discussed.After the recent rebooted Archie Comics revealed that one popular character is gay and another is asexual, some people wondered if Riverdale would match the new comics' progressive approach to sexuality.But when the episode aired, it turned out that the stereotypical attention-grabbing girl kiss was... In an amusingly meta move, Veronica's quick smooch was a total ploy to make Betty and herself seem more attractive to the cheerleading admissions committee.

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