Shocking dating secrets

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Congress passed amendments to the Communications Act of 1934, the game show genre lay dormant for decades and Robert Redford made a little film documenting the whole sordid affair.

“Twenty One” may have been the first game show scandal, but it was certainly far from the last.

Well, it turns out that that may have low-key been a massive lie.The quickest way to get ripped off is not to pay hundreds for a meal at a Michelin star restaurant, but to order pizza or side dishes which cost pennies to make and are put on the plate at grossly inflated prices.Although the revelations may leave customers feeling cheated, they should remember their manners, or risk ending up in the little black book of rudeness.Some trendy establishments such as Nobu, where the black book is computerised, will simply make excuses and refuse to give a table to anyone who upsets their staff.Mrs Edwards-Jones told the Mail on Sunday: “They don't really stand for idiot behaviour in Nobu. All restaurant food will contain the chef’s saliva, as the same spoon is used to sample dishes.

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